Monday, April 22, 2013

Personalized DIY toddler puzzle!

A perfect way to learn face distinction and parts of the body, this puzzle only involved the parts of the face because the pictures I had were two portraits of me and my hubby. It was so much fun to watch my son try to put mommy's eyes and nose and mouth together to form the picture. The thing that was even funnier was how much he got mad when we were playing with the puzzle and I tried to put my eyes on daddy's nose :) "No that's daddy nose!".

Try it out with old pictures you have, (I had two copies of these portraits) or if you don't want to cut your pictures go through your magazines and cut faces from there. Then take pieces of magnetic and place one of each piece of picture puzzle! Just give them a cookie sheet or even let them stand on the fridge and put the pieces of your face back together.