Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mommy is afraid of cats, and baby loves cats!!

My Ailurophobia -persistent and irrational fear of cats- has been there for as far as I can remember! I cannot stand being around cats, hear the sound of cats and even their sight on tv or even in pictures is unpleasant!!
And no it's not all animals, only cats! I admit I dont have a passion for animals but we've had a dog around the house and i lived with it. But when we visit friends that have cats in their houses , it's either me or the cat in the house! 

Last month, I was saying good bye to my neighbor who's leaving Angola to her  home country to go deliver her second child, as I opened the door of their door to go out of the house I was surprised by the sight of a cat standing on the door, automatically I tried to shut the door to avoid any me-cat confrontation, oblivious to the fact that my son has already passed through the front door and started screaming at the sight of the cat. Thank god my husband was there to the rescue! And this became my husband's go to joke for the week about how I tried to close the door with my son outside of it just because I saw a cat!

All of this changed for me last week when we visited a friend here in Luanda and were sitting in their backyard and me proudly sitting on the chair (feet up of course) and two little kittens running around and playing with my son and his friend. Yes! I was able to sit in their presence for almost two hours just because I saw how much fun my son was having playing around with the cats, chasing them and feeding them. I guess this is how one changes for their kids, you overcome yourself and try to adapt in order to accommodate what your child loves and is passionate about even if it means jumping and down on your plastic chair every few minutes :))) You can notice how the picture below is blurry, haha I was scared but at the same time very proud of my two year old for playing with the cats.

I guess same thing can also apply to when you are convincing your child to eat something u know that yourself cannot stand eating or even putting in your mouth, a certain type of vegetable or healthy stew. 

Have you ever faced such experiences where you had to face your biggest fears just to try show your child that there's nothing to be afraid of in the world?


  1. I don't have kids yet, but my Mum (even now, even though I'm 30) still overcomes her fears to rescue me from spiders when needs be.

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  3. We always hope that our little ones don't have our same hang ups, don't we! :) Your toddler is adorable with the kitties, btw...go mama for being brave enough to snap a photo! :)

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